This is for real.

This time I mean it.

9 March
"...And there it is, the deal every artist has struck since someone decided to skip the hunting party to draw on the dim cave walls: You will do most of your work alone and in darkness and although there is a chance you will become rich and beloved, in all likelihood you will not. Instead you will have to sing for your supper and your mortgage, your dental coverage and your children's shoes over and over again while people in desk jobs roll their eyes the moment you start to complain. So it's a good thing you like to sing."

This is me.

I'm a junior at Auburn University, studying Stage Management. I spend most of my time at the theatre and doing theatre-related things. I have an unhealthy TV obsession, and I'm a closet fangirl. I have eclectic taste in music and I love to read. I also have a Webkinz koala named Ned Kelly and a manatee named Barbara, which is far more badass than you might imagine. My journal is friends-only (creepers), but if you add me I'll add you back. =)

My TV obsessions:

My favorite book:

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